Suit of Light.... This is the name given to the clothing the Matadors and Banderilleros wear. The design has not changed since the mid 18th Century.

  • The Montera the hat worn by the Matador
  • The Zapitillas /flat soled leather slippers.
  • The Capote or Capa The large Cape
  • The Muleta the small red cape used in the final act.
  • The Estoque the curved sword the Matador uses in the final act.

The Suit of Light is the one that dresses the bullfighters (Matadors) on foot. It is called thus by the luminous effects that produce upon reflecting lights the sequins that adorn it.

Concocted before the 17th century, but since then and even today they are done in silk and are adorned with gold and silver. The suit of light emphasize in gold are only worn by the matadors, apprentice bullfighters and picadors, while the silver and the silk is exclusive of the banderilleros.

Lights suit composition:

The chair of the bullfighter.  This is a suit of Pepín Liria.  Photos of HA Ortega

HatHat(1): Is the one that goes on the head of the sword and the banderilleros. To the 19th century the hat of three peaks was utilized, but since then began to utilize the hat that is concocted in very similar curly weaving to the hair. This token has evolved since began to use.

Chaquetilla(8): It is a jacket cuts that arrives to the waist. By its alamers and embroidered in gold, silver and silk. Of the shoulder pads they hang the male. It is too stiff and is opened by the axilas to facilitate the movement of arms of the bullfighter.

The taleguillaTaleguilla(3): Is the calzón adjusted and subject with shoulder straps that arrives to the knees. In the lower part is adjusted with male. Him it is added a fajin to way of decoration.

Male(6): Tassels with the ones that the taleguilla is adjusted and that hang of theAverages of the bullfighter Shoulder pads.

Pink Socks(4): Made of silk and color rose. They carry other white of cotton by underneath.

Bow tie(9): Very fine tape that is knotted like tie, generally of the color of the sash that goes tight in the taleguilla.

Detail of a hairpieceShirt.Pigtail: It is an old fashion of the 17th century, that today persists with the purpose to hold the hat. at present are hairpieces.

Shirt: It is of white color and comes adorned in its flap with boleros or loads.

Cloak taking a walkCloak taking a Walk(2): Is with the same form of the cloak of scrambles but something smaller and light. It is a very luxurious element of the suit of lights and only the swords they utilize it and banderilleros bundled to their suits at the moment to do the paseillo. It is used to going adorned with religious figures.

Slipper.Slippers(5): They are of black color and they do not carry tacón. They have a special sole that avoids the resbalones and over they are adorned with a tie.

Stuff to fight:

  • The Cloak: Of canvas very gross or very heavy synthetic fiber, is of color rose and with the envez yellow generally, although some they have the blue, its cut is in the shape of layer and serves to mock and to fight.

Cloaks to accessible prices. Report

  • The red Cape(7): It is of small and lighter fabric that the cloak, its color is red and goes holds to a toothpick. It is utilized for the sword to temper and to channel the attack of the bull.

The killing Blade: Sword with the one that the bulls are killed. It has a light curve in the tip that him is called death.