Do's and Dont's at a Bullfight

Ok, I'm not going to tell you how to be yourself, but you must understand that there are common "etiquette" behaviors while being at a bullfight.

Here's a few simple and basic rules.

  • ALWAYS stay seated during a performance.
    • The bulls get easily distracted and when they see people in the audience moving around, they tend to focus on them instead of the bullfighter
  • Be QUIET!
    • Ok, I understand some of you are new at this, but keep the noise level to a minimum. It's not only disrespectful to the performers, but it can also quite annoy the person next to you.
  • OLE'!
    • o·lé  - interj. - Used to express excited approval.
    • So, when you see something you like, it is common practice to say "Ole!"
    • This also encourages the performers to do well for you.
    • Just remember, they are performing for you and want only their best to come out.
    • So, the more supportive and excited you are, the more exciting it will be.
  • Don't block the walkways
    • Not only is it distracting, but you are blocking the entrances and exits of the arenas.
    • It's very unsafe and against the fire codes.
  • Do not go inside the arenas
    • Unless the bullfight is officially over, PLEASE DO NOT go inside the arenas.
    • I saw this recently, and I thought it was the rudest thing that people can do to disrespect a performer
    • Every performer takes their walk around the arena, this allows the people to show their gratitude and appreciation for a job well-done.
    • Don't go inside while he's taking his walk..... it's so rude and disrespectful.
    • Take your photos afterwards. The arena is for him, not for you.
  • Finally.... Enjoy, have fun, be merry!
  • I'll list more later.