Ranch Cardoso is a family venture that commenced over 30 years ago as a hobby and prospered into a world-renowned enterprise.

Their childhood began in a small village called Agualva in Terceira, on the Azores Island in Portugal, where the desire to raise horses and attend bullfights came naturally.

We specialize in the art of Bloodless Bullfights and Bullfighting horses, featuring Cavaleiros, Matadores, Forcados, Ganadarias, Filarmonicas, and most importantly, our beautiful horses where they grace the show with their bravery, artistic, skillful, and majestic movements at various Portuguese Festas and events in Southern and Central California.

We are honored to share with you about the legacy & history of our culture and we are delighted to have you here and welcome your thoughts about our site. Please be sure to check-out our News page for updates and upcoming events.

Our mission and goal is to increase the awareness and preserve the culture and our heritage across the nation and worldwide.

If you or someone you know is interested in having a "bloodless" bullfight, please send an RFP to "RanchCardoso @" (remove spaces in between).

Thank you and we hope you enjoy your visit at Ranch Cardoso.
~ Muito Obrigado :: Thank You :: Muchos Gracias ~