Hello! I am the "webmistress" (webmaster) for the Ranch Cardoso website. I am the founder/owner/creator/designer (etc., etc.,) of the Ranch Cardoso website, along with a host of other websites that involves the words "bloodless bullfighting" or "california bullfights", etc. in it.

I am a graphics designer, print broker, web developer, web designer, web programmer, event promoter/coordinator/creator, Marketing & Business Consultant. Yes, I can do all things through God who strengthens me to do so =)

I developed this site and have re-designed a minimum of 7 times. All of the videos, artwork, and photos I created (with the exception of copyrighted materials from other sources). I've been doing this for over 11 years now and it will continue to grow and flourish into something bigger. It's been an amazing journey. So speaking of videos, I just uploaded a new one and below is the explanation.

On May 6, 2006, I was invited to a "tienta" at Costa Farms in Wasco. Tientas are small gatherings for the bull breeder to test his calfs on their bravery and other abilities. It is their way of seeing how well the bulls will come out. I had the honor to participate in the fun. You can see from the video below what a fast learner I am... NOT... lol. My adrenaline was literally coming out of my throat. The rush I was getting was amazing and it was then I knew exactly why they do what they do. I was able to get a better understanding of being in the arena. Granted it was a small calf... but still. Did you see the power that it had when it threw the kid across? Yeah, not something I was looking forward to ... hahaha. Anyhoo, it was fun! and I would do it all over again!!

note: please excuse the beginning. My friend did not know how to work the camera.

More stuff to read if interested:
The Ranch Cardoso business and website inaugurated in 2003, but the idea had begun in the year 2000 when Raul, his brother Marc, and I were driving home from a bullfight. The original intent was to showcase and sell the many beautiful horses that the Cardoso brothers have. But God obviously had different plans and the site focuses to educate and promote the wonderful art of bloodless bullfighting, while showcasing the beautiful horses they own, and the events held yearly at the Portuguese Festas.

Raul Cardoso is the co-founder of Ranch Cardoso and owner of the Ranch Cadoso horses. Raul, along with his brother Marc works/cares for the horses 24/7, brings them to bullfights, and they are dedicated to keep their culture alive. Marc trains and rides the horses that you see at the bloodless bullfights. Raul & Marc owns portion of these horses, along with their other brother Jose, and Candido Costa. Raul is the founder of Coudelaria Agualva, which also consists of his two brothers, Candido Costa, and includes Joe Martin, Sr. Coudelaria Agualva focuses on selling and breeding horses.

Bloodless Bullfighting in many ways is similar to the Spanish style of bullfighting, with the exception of the "killing". The bulls are not killed at the end of a bullfight, but instead, they get to go back and set free into the pasture. If the ganadero finds the bull to have exceptionally fought well in the arena, then they are used to breed more of his type, to secure the strength of the bloodline. These are fighting bulls and they must be strong and brave. Click [HERE] to learn more about the art of California Bloodless Bullfights...Portuguese style!

When the site first came up, I had the basic schedule and photos. But for me, it was crying for more. I didn't do much with it because I was processing the "mapping" of what the site will entail. As a creative person with organizational skills, the site's lack of content was driving me insane. Perfectionism was in play too. Not to mention, I was also doing background acting back then, which barely left time to sleep. But all in all, the process was happening and it just needed to get on the screen. In the beginning of 2005, I decided that I was going to do less background work, and fully concentrate on building all of my websites, along with establishing my business from home. So, the re-birth of the site came to life along with everything else. I've re-designed this site at least 10 times.

So now, I find myself doing less crocheting and knitting, and more round the clock design, research, and development. To date, I have over 70 web domains that are constantly being worked on. Some you may not see because they are still behind close doors. My work is not limited to websites alone. I also do lots of print work (ad designs, flyers, etc.), as well as coordinating special events (photo shoots, odd requests, festivals), weddings, showers, birthday parties, and more. I also volunteer my time with philanthropists, various organizations (animals, children, church, etc.), and many more.

How am I affiliated with the Cardoso brothers and their horses? I have known Raul and his brothers for over 25+ years. Being a part of Ranch Cardoso has increased my knowledge in the art of bullfighting ... both Spanish and Portuguese style, as well as learning the different breeds of horses. Everyday is like school to me, because when I post new things on our site, I pay close attention to details and I research everything before I write them down. I want to make sure that everyone who visits our site is engaged and receives an educational value with a fun experience.

Since I don't have a decent camera to take professional photos with, I videotape all of the events. It is so much easier than taking pictures and it allows to see a whole bullfight from start to finish without ever leaving your house. I will leave the photography work to the experts, namely the photographers themself who I have the privilege of meeting and working with. You will see works from Lynne Glazier, Aaron of, Gerry Mooney, Ramon Flores, and many more. These are just a few who are aficions of this dying art.

It is with great privilege and honor to be able to provide our information via the internet. If you are seeking to do promotions, events, photoshoots, etc., please do not hesitate to contact me at " RanchCardoso @ ". We have been featured in magazines such as the official Andalusian/Lusitano organization IALHA, as well as being contracted by the prime time hit "Dancing with the Stars", and I have worked with different organizations"Art Bulls for Charity", Capitol magazine, just to name a few..

Thank you and I hope you enjoy your visit at Ranch Cardoso.
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