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Vitor at 3-years old
born Mário Vitor Menezes Ribeiro Axe
on November 2, 1978.

Music written & directed for Vitor by David Costa, Maestre

As you can see, Vitor's love for horses and bullfights started when he was just a little tot (see pic above).

Vitor in his pre-teens

Now that he's all grown-up, his ideas as to what he was going to do as an adult flourished into something he really enjoyed doing since he can take his first step.

In the year of 2003, Vitor came to California to ride our horses at the bloodless bullfighting events. He not only became a very good friend, but was a great trainer with our horses. He is an excellent horseman and a wonderful friend. Indio (one of our bullfighting horses) once belonged to Vitor.

Vitor with Indio, a Lusitano bullfighting horse
Vitor with Indio, a Lusitano bullfighting horse (formerly his horse)
practicing for the Artesia bullfight in 2005

During one of his ventures to the US, he met a friend of ours named Eleni. In 2005, he proposed, they got married, and Eleni moved to Portugal. He made sure she didn't get away! Guys take note of that ;p

Vitor & Eleni

These two are a dynamic, good-looking couple. Vitor has year-round bullfights in Portugal and hopefully will be back in the US again for some fights. Eleni continues to ride and train the horses as well as have a continued support for Vitor's career in bullfighting.

On September 21st 2007, Vitor and Eleni became the proud parents to a healthy new baby girl... Princess Ribeiro was born at 4;30 pm, weighing in at 3.245kg and 47.5 cm

Vitor Ribeiro praying right before the start of the Festa de Bola bloodless bullfight,
pictured with Quiver, our Buckskin Lusitano breeding stallion stud.

Public presentation: Charneca of the Caparica
Practicing test: Cascais
Ganadaria: Prudêncio house
Alternative: Moita do Ribatejo, May 28, 2000
Godfather: Moura João
Witnesses: António Ribeiro Telles
Ganadaria: Mário Vinhas and Herdeiros de Manuel Vinhas
Taken possetion: Julian Alonso
Cavaleiro of the Year 2004 Season (Portugal and California, USA)
Vitor with Atrevido, our Arabian bullfighting horse


We wish them great happiness and success in everything they do!

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