Ranch Cardoso Current Projects/Goals
Ranch Cardoso/MAGKON supports several charities, groups, events, organizations, and people. We support their causes and volunteer in various ways, whether it be by donating our time, talents, skills, or raising funds. However way we can help, we make sure it gets done. Here's just a few:
For contributions towards the Art of Bloodless Bullfighting, please click [HERE]
Shoestring City Ranch

Shoestring City Ranch provides free & low cost rural experiences to city kids while teaching teamwork, respect, and leadership skills in an ecologically friendly green-space working with rescued animals.

We are looking for donations to help improve the ranch. It houses several farm animals including but not limited to: Horses, Llamas, Sheeps, Goats, Chickens, Ducks, Donkeys, and many more.

Children come to visit the farm and learn how to feed the animals as well as gather information about each animal for personal or school projects.

The Shoestring City Ranch accepts any type of donations, whether through monetary, building materials, and/or laborers to build or improve the site.

Here's a "wish list":

  • Feed:
    Horse/Livestock: Alfalfa Pellets or Hay, Timothy Pellets or Hay, O&M, A&M, Beet Pulp (shredded or
    pellets), Senior Feed (any brand), Integrity Brand Feed (any type), Rice Bran, Wheat Bran
    Poultry: Poultry Scratch, Poultry Mash, Oyster Shell, Dove (Bird) seed, Game bird Crumble
    Tortoise/Rabbit & others: lettuce, carrots, various fruits and vegetables.
    Supplements: Any hoof, coat, weight, joint, vitamin, electrolyte,

    brushes (hard or soft), mane and tail combs, hoof picks, detangler, rubber curry's (glove or
    round), sweat scrapers, shampoo, buckets, sponges, rags

    large square western pads, navajo pads, bridles and reins (english or western), bosal, saddles
    (english or western), crops, lunge whips, lunge lines, surcingle, side-reins, english saddle pads (any
    kind), girths, bareback pads, stirrups and leathers

    Barn Equipment:
    Halters, Lead ropes, blankets, saddle soap, coolers, polos, splint boots, bandages,
    quilts, bell boots, clippers and blades, sheers for sheep, cross ties, snaps (quick release or other),
    buckets, feeders, fly sheets, fly masks, fly spray, fly traps, manure forks, shovels, large manure buckets,
    automatic waterers, hay nets, saddle and bridle racks, sheds or old tack trucks, trash cans or secure
    storage for feed, pallets, storage containers, hoses, lights, wheelbarrows, arena drag, rainbird or
    sprinklers, cages (any size), pens, fencing, wire mesh, covers, tarps.

Donations can be made securely online by clicking this >link<, which will direct you to their website. If you prefer to send via snail mail, funds can be made payable to Shoestring City Ranch, Inc..  Please send a check to the address listed below:

Shoestring City Ranch, Inc
P.O. Box 92318
Long Beach,CA 90809-2318
(562) 818-7930

Ranch Cardoso is a proud participant and volunteer for Shoestring City Ranch. The purpose is to help young people discover and develop their potential. We encourage young people to set their own goals and make their own plans and decisions. This helps boys and girls mature and build self-confidence. By being part of a group, they learn to understand and to cooperate with others. These two basic skills help youth achieve a happy, useful life.
The goals of Ranch Cardoso and Shoestring City Ranch are the same.... to help young people with the following:
  • Develop initiative and assume responsibility.
  • Develop leadership and be of service to others.
  • Develop the ability to live and work cooperatively with others.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills and explore careers.
  • Achieve satisfaction from work and accomplishments.
  • Choose from alternatives and plan satisfying lives.
  • Develop positive self images.