Article About Us on Andalusian Magazine
Ranch Cardoso has grown and have gained recognition all over the nation and the world. We have all of you to thank thank you all for your support & for visiting our site.

Around March or April of 2005, I was doing my normal rounds of advertising on the internet including swapping links with other sites. To make a long story short, to my surprise, one of the sites replied with a proposal I couldn't refuse. The editor & publisher of the Andalusian magazine had asked to do a story about our horses and bloodless bullfights. I quickly made the arrangements and met them at the ranch.

It is our privilege to present to you the article... T is for Tradition.... click here to view the article now..

Please be patient as I had scanned the article from the actual magazine. Unfortunately, the magazine is only available to members of IALHA (the official breeding registry for Andalusian & Lusitano horses). If you would like to obtain a copy of this magazine, please contact IALHA at (205) 995-8900 and let them know you are inquiring about the article (T is for Tradition) on page 28.

I want to extend our biggest thanks to Heather Orton (of Lightfoot Enterprises / Editor of Andalusian Magazine)....thank you for helping us increase the awareness of Lusitanos as well as the Bloodless Bullfighting sport. Not everyone knows of the fancy footwork of a Lusitano...especially inside a bull ring. Alot of people also do not know about bloodless bullfights held here in California.

With articles like this, it will surely spread the word fast. IALHA is very big in the horse industry. IALHA officers and members frequent some of the bullfighting events. Please be sure to stop by Heather's site to acknowledge of her works and efforts. One more thing, the article is written and published by Heather, please do not repost or rewrite unless you have absolute permission from both of us.

Thank you ~ Obrigado ~