Specializing in the Art of Bloodless Bullfights & Bullfighting Horses... Portuguese Style! in California -- Featuring videos & images of Portuguese Style bullfights, Lusitanos, Cavaleiros (Vitor Ribeiro, Antonio Telles, Vasco Taborda, Jr., Patricia Pellen, Rodrigo Santos, etc.), Ganadarias (Candido Costa, Manuel Sousa, Manuel Costa, etc.) Forcados (So Cal, Tulare, Turlock, Portugal), Matadors (Jose Luis Angelino, Mario Miguel, Jose Luis, etc), Filarmonica (Artesia, Tulare, Turlock, Escalon, Azores, Gustine, etc), Bullfighting Horses (Quiver {Lusitano}, Indio {Lusitano}, Dollar {Quarter Horse}, Cadillac {Quarter Horse}, Kaganche {Lusitano}, Atrevido {Arabian}, etc) and more!
Music: El Paso del Ebro performed by Azores Band of Escalon
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