the Ganadarias (Toiros...bull breeders) provide the bulls, and are essential to a bullfight. Without them, there would not be a "bull"fight.

Ganadarias breed and raise fighting bulls specifically for bloodless bullfights in California. They also have what they call a "Tienta", which is basically a "mini fiesta" where they practice with cows (bloodless of course) and with horses (Portuguese style), sometimes on foot, to teach cape work (muleta), but not to kill.

A tienta allows them (the bull owners) to see how brave the cows are, also trains the horses to bullfight, and allows the matadors to practice cape work, and in turn friends, and relatives can see the "behind the scenes" of what it takes to prepare for a bullfight.

The cows are about a 1-1/2 years old, and in the end, they are not killed and are put back in the pasture for breeding and eventually to the slaughter house for ground beef (?). Due to the fact that bulls are intelligent, they cannot be run (used) again in an arena as it would be dangerous to the Matadors, Cavaleiros, and Forcados.

It's a mini festa with friends and family of the ganadero. The morning starts off with branding the calves. There's food, drinks, networking, and fun.

On the right is a menu with links to a series of videos from a recent Tienta that Ganadaria Candido Costa had. It starts off with branding of the heifers and bulls. Not all of the videos are uploaded yet, but they will be soon.

Well known Ganaderos (bull breeders) in the Portuguese community are Candido Costa of Wasco (near Bakersfield), Manuel Sousa of Turlock, and Manuel Costa, Jr. located in Los Banos, California.

Candido Costa owns a state-of-the-art dairy and is also the owner of some of the horses. He has a deep love and is an afficianado of bullfighting. Candido is also from Agualva, Terceira which is the same village that the Cardoso brothers are from.

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