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Veiga - Ancient War Horse of the Iberian Peninsula
The most typical characterisitics of a Lusitano with the convex heads, flat, thin legs with strong hocks, fantastic impulsion and beautiful, flexible necks. Nervous and gallant.
Well over 150 years of breeding have established one of the pure sub-breeds of the Lusitano known as the Veiga. This bloodline produced the most genuine warhorse of Ancient Lusitania.  "Veigas" are extremely functional, excellent type and most well known for their bullfighting.
They have the typical convex head known as the "Veiga Head" flat leg bone with prominent hocks, fantastic impulsion and proud flexible necks.  With these strong hocks, flexible backs and uncommon impulsion, one of the most beautiful and malleable of necks, extreme courage and desire to please … it was said that this horse makes the horse-loving people of Portugal vibrate.  Those who own the pure Veiga bloodlines, once experiencing it, will have no other.
Manuel Veiga describes his horses as follows:  "… full of gallantry, so obedient they seem to outguess the rider's intentions; high thin head, long flowing manes, elevated movements and a striking agility, challenging all threats and dangers with indomitable courage…"   Fearless… as one would need to be to face the Noble Bulls of Portugal.
The Veiga is a true race within the Lusitano breed and the stallions when used on mares of any other lineage have the power to transmit to the offspring the most typical characteristics of the Lusitanian race.  This is sheer prepotency at its finest
Cravo, Sire of Imperador, is of the Lusitano sub-breed Veiga out of the Coudelaria Veiga stud farm is sired by the celebrated Universo (MV) and out of Laranja II (MV).  Cravo carries in his veins the purest of Veiga blood.  Cravo boasts the distinction of serving at the Ribeiro Telles and Coimbra stud farms, long sought out for premier bullfighting prospects.   Cravo's two full brothers serve at the most famous stud farms of Portugal and Brazil.  Guadiana (MV) as one of the Coudelaria Viega's most distinguished sires, and Emir II (MV) serving first in Portugal and then in Brazil at the famous Interago stud as one of their most treasured foundation sires.  Cravo has in his impeccable pedigree, that which is considered the most genuine of the bullfighting horses' lineage such as Bailador, Toleirona, Beleza, Boca-Negra, Que-Ba, Sultao and Laranja, being carefully chosen to serve at the select Portuguese studs he has served for this reason.

Imperador, because of this very concentrated genetic background is of great type and beauty, exceptionally intelligent, generous and athletic.  He also served in the bullrings of Portugal, as it was his heritage.

Here are two of our horses that have the Veiga bloodline.... Kaganche, one of our beautiful spirited black Lusitano horse, and Quiver, our amazing buckskin Lusitano. And since the bloodline flows to their offsprings, we introduce Vistoso, sired by Quiver.

Various sources: Interargo-Lusitano
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