What's the 411? This is where we list everything we know about bullfighting. You may see some things referring you to the FAQ, which stands for "Frequently Asked Questions", and is a common term used widely on the internet.We like to use "411", because everyone knows that it stands for "information". And if you didn't know..... now you do.

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What is a Festa? or is it Fiesta?
Bullfighting 101 - FAQ's
Below is a breakdown of terminology for each style of Bullifghting
  • Spanish Style - COMING SOON!
  • Portuguese Style - COMING SOON!
Here's a few simpliefied terms just to get you started
  • Cavaleira - female bullfighter on horseback
  • Cavaleiro - male bullfighter on horseback
  • Rejoneo/Rejoneador- Spanish male bullfighter on horseback
  • Rejonea/Rejoneadora - Spanish female bullfighter on horseback
  • Festa - Festival, Fiesta
  • Ganadaria - Bull Ranch
  • Ganadero - Bull Rancher raising bulls
  • Coudelaria - in Portuguese it means Ranch
  • Ranchero / Rancho - Ranch
  • Agualva - a small village in Terceira on the Azores Island
  • Azores Island - an island located west of mainland Portugal
  • Obrigado - Thank You in Portuguese
  • Muito Obrigado - Thank you very much in Portuguese
  • Gracias - Thank you in Spanish
  • Muchos Gracias - Thank you very much in Spanish
  • Toiros - Bulls
  • VTS - Velcro® Tip Spear
  • Banderillas - long decorated spear/stick used in a bullfight
  • Bloodless Bullfight - No blood drawn -- Bulls do not get killed
  • Cavalos - horses
  • Iberian Horses - Lusitanos and Andalusians / Baroque style mainly used for bullfighting
  • Forcados - a group of 8 men who grab a charging bull
  • Filarmonica - band who plays beautiful music at a bullfight
  • Matador - in Spanish term means "Killer"
  • There are three parts to what the Matador does in the arena:
  • Capote - Pink/Yellow Cape work
  • Banderilla - Long decorated stick/spear
  • Muleta - Red Cape work before the final kill
  • Faena - the kill
  • Bandarillero - Matador/Cavaleiros helper on foot in the arena
Where on your site can I find what you are talking about?
What is 411?

These are the meanings for 3-digit numbers used in the USA telephone system. For foreigners visiting the US, these are important numbers to remember.

  • "411" - Information / Informacion
  • Inquire someone's phone or address listing from a live phone operator
  • "611" - Phone Repair
  • Call this number if you feel that something is wrong with your phone lines (outside or inside). This is NOT to repair the phone receivers.
  • "911" - Emergency / Emergencia
  • for urgent matters ONLY and dials directly to the nearest Police dispatching unit available in your area. But remember..... ONLY use it for extreme emergencies.