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Update 10/26/2012: For over 12 years, I've been empowered and passionately creating an awareness for the Art of Bloodless Bullfights, beautiful bullfighting horses, Portuguese Festas, and the Portuguese people who make it all come together.

I am thankful and very grateful for the friends I've met and the wonderful friendships developed during my journey. It is with every intention and my goal of maintaining integrity and respect while I continue to promote and support this awesome community.

Wishing you all great success and happiness!!

Muito Obrigado!
Ciao and God bless,
Mz. Pink-Diva

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Update 10/26/2012: Bloodless Bullfighting season is officially over for 2012. I believe there's one more festa and it's going on right now this weekend.

Festa de Nossa Senhora do Rosário
October 26th - Sunday, October 28th, 2012
Holy Rosary Catholic Church
8471 Cypress St.
Hilmar, CA 95324
(209) 667-8961

Click [HERE] for more information


Update 10/15/2012: I can't believe it's already October... mid October to be exact. I'm still in summer mode... don't turn off the heat yet please ;)

For the bloodless bullfighting industry, October is a reminder that the season is about to close and commence hiatus for a few months until March/April next year.

The end of the season always brings us to Thornton, CA where one of the biggest California Bloodless Bullfights of the year can be seen on a Saturday and the following Monday. This is also the place where I once had the privilege of bringing Jerry Springer while he was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. The crowd loved him and chanted "Jerry Jerry"!!

The last California Bloodless Bullfight celebrates
Festa de Nossa Senhora de Fátima
(Feast of Our Lady of Fátima)
on Saturday, October 20th (3pm) and Monday, October 22nd, 2012 (8pm)
Our Lady of Fatima Society Portuguese Hall
Praça de São João Stadium/Bull Ring

26590 N Sacramento Blvd.
Thornton, CA 95686

For more details, please click on this link -> [HERE]

Please be sure to arrive early in the morning to find parking, buy your tickets, enjoy the festivities and find a seat. This event will fill-up fast!!
There is a parade on the day of prior to the bloodless bullfight spectacle.

Every year, thousands arrive in bus and car loads, as well as parking their campers, trailers to parttake in this week long event paying homage to the Virgin Mary as well as attending the very popular California Bloodless Bullfights.

Traditionally for all Catholics, the "Feast of Our Lady of Fatima" is celebrated from May through October, commemorating the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary to three young shepherd children Jacinta (age 7), Francisco (age 9) and Lucia (age 10), that took place at Cova da Iria, the land owned by Lucia Santos' family near Fatima (their home village) in Portugal on May 13, 1917. Since then, the blessed Virgin Mary visited on the 13th day of each month. For her last appearance, the Virgin Mary promised a miracle to the children so that people will believe them. On October 13, 1917, many witnesses observed and claimed to have seen various things from the rainy clouds parting, the skies changing colors, going completely dark and light again, and where the sun seemed to be coming down towards them.... this day has been dubbed the "Miracle of the Sun".

The days and nights are very festive filled with lots of Portuguese culture and tradition to inhale. It's an amazing experience you don't want to miss and you will not regret!

Ciao and God bless,
Mz. Pink-Diva

Update 09/07/2012: Summer just about ended, with the exception of the heat hanging on, but enjoyable none the less.

I just updated the events page with the information below. Please be sure to click [here] to view the rest of the details.

The next bloodless bullfight celebrates the
Festa de Nossa Senhora dos Milagres de Gustine
on Monday, September 10th
at the Bella Vista Park in Gustine, CA
starting at 8:00 pm

So please be sure to arrive early to find parking, buy your tickets,
and find a seat. This event will fill-up fast!

Ciao and God bless,
Mz. Pink-Diva

Update 04/20/2012: Happy New Year Everyone! The season has officially started with Joe Correia performing in Stevinson on April 14th. I'm sorry I was not able to go, but I heard he did very well. I've been very busy with my job and other projects I have going on at the same time. Today, I just posted the new schedule on the [EVENTS] page. Currently we have 8 shows listed from May through August. I'll update and post details for each event as soon as I get them.

Thank you everyone for being patient and I look forward to seeing you all at some of our events.

Until next time
Ciao and God bless,
Mz. Pink-Diva


Update 10/27/2011: I am working on new business cards and as I am going through photos to chose from, I stumbled upon some videos that were taken years ago, which I will upload and post for viewing. However, I did manage to edit one of them to produce for a fun videos to see. One is of me learning the cape work as you can see [HERE], and the other is a 9-year old boy named Emmanuel who is learning to be a young Matador and his video can be seen [HERE]. Hope you enjoy them!

Until next time
Ciao and God bless,
Mz. Pink-Diva

Update 10/23/2011: Good evening all! We are nearing November and California Bloodless Bullfighting season is officially closed for this year. It's gone by a bit too fast... thought I was still in August (lol). Well, we've got lots in store for next year starting around April.

Until then, please continue to visit our website as I upload more videos, photos, articles, and news updates. Since the hacking of one of my videos a few years ago, I've put a hault to uploading them. So I've reduced some of the video sizes just for web view only. I am slowly uploading as I get a chance and I'm finding some on YouTube since there are a few that are pretty decent quality.

The updates I've made are throughout the website, so you'll have to browse through the menu on the left. Here's a start, check-out this link >>[HERE] >> [HERE] >> [HERE] >> [HERE] >> [HERE]

So as I was revamping my site, I came across some photos from the past and one of them was Jerry Springer. It was both a priviledge and an honor to have been contacted by the producers/directors of Dancing with the Stars. I'll have to write my story about it and find the videos to go along with the article. I had not known which celebrity was arriving and when I found out it was Jerry Springer, I thought cool... he is such the nicest guy you will ever meet! I met him before on the set of another movie we were both on and he is well liked and does not mind interacting with people.

Procuna (the Matador) played an integral part that day. He was contracted to teach Jerry a few basic moves to do the cape work.

Jerry is such a Great guy --- it would have also been nice had it been hottie Mario Lopez but the crowd wouldn't have been able to chant "JERRY JERRY"!!! yeah, it rocked that day!!

So lots of fun stuff to come. I'm even working on my forum as I had mentioned in my last update.

Until next time
Ciao and God bless,
Mz. Pink-Diva


Update 10/02/2011: Greetings all! We are now in the Autumn season and last quarter of the year. Time definitely does fly when we are having fun. ;) I don't have much to report on other than what I have below.

Have a great week!

Ciao and God bless,
Mz. Pink-Diva


Update 08/25/2011: Hello and good evening to everyone! I would like to share an article which includes the recent video of "Dances with Bulls" featured on -- a project we were very much a part of and it has a few photos that I took from the long and eventful day, along with my broken boot heel towards the end... lol.

clicky >HERE< to view the article

That is all for now.

Ciao and God bless,
Mz. Pink-Diva


Update 06/27/2011: Hello to all! The sun is finally here and shining bright! YaY for summer!

I updated the events page for the upcoming bloodless bullfight this Friday, July 1st. It will be in Tracy again. Just clicky >here< for the events page.

Next I'd like to share this interesting message I received today. It is basically a casting call for a jousting competition. They are looking for fierce & competitive horsemen crazy enough to go head-to-head with skilled or unskilled jousters. You could win $100,000!! Clicky >here< for casting information.

Good luck!

Ciao and God bless,
Mz. Pink-Diva

Update 06/21/2011: Good Afternoon! It is Tuesday, June 21st... 3 days before the Stockton Festa Bloodless bullfight in Tracy, CA. Hope to see you all there!

Right now, I am here mainly to post news about 50 abandoned alpacas that were stolen from their owners in Minnesota.


The breeder had sold two to Sharyl, and then later confided to her that she was being evicted and needed a place for the alpacas to stay until she can find investors. Months went by and no sign of any investors nor the breeder. After doing some investigation, Sharyl found out that the breeders had actually stole them from an Alpaca farm in Minnesota. For now, Sharyl has been taking care of the abandoned alpacas but could use the help of others with feed, shearing, and medical attention.

To donate alpaca food:
Sheryl Hudson's Alpaca Account at Robinson's Feed Store
1150 E. Victor Rd, Lodi, CA 95240
Ask for Rex or Ryan

That's all for now. Have a great week!

Ciao and God bless,
Mz. Pink-Diva

Update 06/02/2011: Good morning! Can't believe it is Thursday, June 2nd... the first half of 2011 has come and gone by just a tad too quick. Well, as long as we are all having fun and enjoying the life God has given us all!

Last night, I just updated a few pages including the 2011 events page with the information for the upcoming June 24th event for the Stockton Festa, while falling asleep to write this page. Now I am awake, I can continue =)

Other dates to put on your calendar are:

  • Friday, July 1st - (at Tracy)
  • Friday, July 8th - (at Gustine)
  • Monday, August 1st - (at Artesia)
  • Monday, August 8th - (at Laton)

Just in case any of you are wondering about the dates, the festas are held annually and depending on which organization, each one celebrates their events on or after Trinity Sunday. And for 2011, Trinity Sunday is on June 19th.

What is Trinity Sunday? celebrates the Christian dogma of the Trinity, the three Persons of God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Trinity Sunday is the first Sunday after Pentecost in the Western Christian liturgical calendar, and the Sunday of Pentecost in Eastern Christianity.

Well, I have to go for now... I'll be back soon. Happy Thursday to y'all and have a great weekend!

Ciao and God bless,
Mz. Pink-Diva

Update 05/25/2011: Good evening! It is Wednesday, the 25th of May ... and it's already 10pm =\ ... mid week and very excited for the festivities this weekend.

Artesia DES proudly presents the annual "Festival of Taurino" California Bloodless Bullfight on May 28th, Festa de Bola "Soccer Tournament" from May 13-May 30, and the 1st Annual Festa de Bola "Golf Tournament" on May 27th.

Please join us this Saturday, May 28, 2011 at the only local California Bloodless Bullfight located in Southern California! Right smack in the middle of Artesia (a small suburb in Los Angeles) is a Portuguese community... with their own church, community hall, radio station, and even a bullring... yes, you read that correctly!

The event will take place promptly at 6pm inside the . There will be lots of food, drinks, and free parking! Ticket prices are $25 for non-members, and $20 for ADES members. Please be sure to arrive early to give yourselves time to find parking, socializing, eating, and then finding your seats. Everything is on a first come, first serve basis. So bring blankets and save your spots as they do fill up fast! for more info on this event.

If you would like to learn more about bullfighting, please visit our 411 on Bullfighting page here>< ..... Also, there is common etiquette while being at a bullfight, and that can be read here><.

Don't forget to say "OLE'! " ... it's really exciting to hear everyone saying "OLE'! "

After the bullfight, be sure to stick around for more fun as there will be a live performance by “Raça” of San Jose. Some great music to dance and listen to. Hey it's a Saturday night... no work the next day... so party and dance until they tell you it's time to go ;)

Well, that is all for now. I'll be updating and adding more events as I get them. Have a great week and hope to see you all this Saturday in Artesia!

Ciao and God bless,
Mz. Pink-Diva


Update 04/19/2011:Greetings everyone! It's been a while since my last posts. Time flies by so fast when we are having fun! I can't believe it's already middle of April. Hope you are all doing well!

Tentatively, I know of only 3 events coming up. Two of them are in May, and one in July (which I have not posted yet). If anyone knows of upcoming Festas, please send me a message at "RanchCardoso @" (no spaces)

will be perfoming on May 9th in Laton, and on May 28th in Artesia. On July 8th, we are pleased to announce the return of performing at Patterson. Both Alberto and Vitor give such an engaging performance that you do not want to miss! So I hope you all can make it!

That's all for now folks! I'll be back again soon. In the meantime, have a Happy Easter and don't forget ...

Ciao and God bless,
Mz. Pink-Diva


Update 07/24/10:

click here for more info for this event

Saturday, July 24, 2010 @ 7:00 pm


Update 06/30/2010:Yes! Miracles do happen... LOL... <that means Laugh Out Loud...for those that don't know by now... hee hee)

Anyhoo, I am slowly getting back to updating and posting to our site. Yes, I know... it's been a loooong while. Aside from being extremely busy with family, business and personal projects, etc.... I have to say that there was quite a bit of unappreciated/unnecessary drama in this industry last year and it somewhat took away the passion I once had, not to mention it took the fun out of it too. I am slowly but surely getting back into it again. My love for the art did not leave... it just went on hiatus ;) Personally, I believe in the "Art of Bloodless Bullfighting" and I will continue to share my passion with the entire world =)

So what's new? Well, considering it is only July, the guys and the horses have had quite some busy months. We've been privileged with the presence of Vitor Ribeiro. On June 14th, he fought at the Patterson Festa in Gustine. Sadly, I was not able to go...which means I do not have a video of him for that day =\ ... if anyone has a copy and would like to share, please send it to me and I would happily give you the credit for it.

Alberto Conde has performed at 4 festas ... it does not seem much, but so much work is involved leading up to each event. Alberto is scheduled to be at the Artesia DES Plaza on Monday, July 26th, alongside Matador José Luis Gonçalves. 6 brave bulls will be provided by Manuel Costa, Jr. from Los Banos. The fearless Forcados will be none other than (So Cal Forcados). Classical bullfighting music will be performed by our local favorite .. . More information can be found on our [2010 EVENTS] page.

Well, I have to get back to working on my other projects..... and one of them I will have a BIG announcement towards the end of the month. I am super excited about it!!! It's been years of planning, sleeping on it, visualizing, etc.

Alrightee then... that's all for now. I hope to come back sooner and with an updated forum. The last one just literally killed our server. We got so many hits and the company shut my forum down... hahahaha... Not to worry though... everything has been upgraded, so we should not have a problem this time.

Muito obrigado (thank you) so very much for your continued support by visiting our website. If ever you would like to make monetary contributions, please read [HERE].

Ciao and God bless,
Mz. Pink-Diva


Update 03/08/2009: WoW ... it's been almost a whole year since I last posted an update ... sowwy! My apologies in advance. Aside from getting sick left and right, the year just went by too quickly and 2009 is almost doing the same thing. It's already March... unbelievable... lol.

Just so you all know, I've been working on many projects, including this site ... which is HUGE! I disabled access to all of our videos last year due to a particular person who purposely took one of my videos and replaced our copyright info and logo info with theirs ... and passed the video on as if it was their own on their website. This is a huge copyright infringement and I'm still furious about it to this day as they have not apologized nor acknowledged their wrong doing. My video continues to be seen on their website even after numerous attempts to remove it.

Anyhoo, let me quickly rebuke the negativity. So from here on, viewing of some video clips will require a username and password. By popular request, ALL videos will be available for purchase in the near future.

What's new on our site? I created a new front and home page =) .... I am really excited and yeah... I am a total Geek Diva ... hee hee. Functionality is not the only important aspect of our site. I believe that as a designer, it's my job to create beautiful things for all to see .... well, it's beautiful to me at least... hahahaha... so I hope you are all liking it too =D

I am also updating every page on this site... mostly formatting, adding & updating text, etc. My system had to re-cache the files and it looked like it said there were at least over 4,951 files ... eek... hahaha... that's one of the reasons why some files got past me and did not realize some of them were doing funky things ... and some text got garbled too. That count excludes the files from our forum.... which by the way got corrupted and/or someone breeched security during a vulnerable state =( .... so I have to start over again =(.

It's going to be another exciting year (according to my sources) ... and I'll post new events just as soon as I get them.

Well folks, I gotta run for now. I'll be back again soon. Until then, you all take care ... wishing everyone nothing but happiness with a dab of auspiciousness to go along with it ;-)

God bless,
Mz. Pink-Diva

Update 04/24/2008:  Happy New Year, Happy Easter, Happy to be back!!!
It is bullfighting season and all of the Festa committees/organizations are geared to have a great year.... actually, it is an auspicious year for all. It's a leap year, therefore most of the events have started a few weeks early this year. Two bloodless bullfights were held a few weeks ago in April, and eight more bullfights are upcoming in May. As always, it is going to be an exciting year!

I am sure by now, you should have noticed that I gave the website a make-over. I am hoping that it is easier for everyone to navigate and find things within our site. I am slowly but surely updating the site contents and will be adding videos as time permits. I apologize in advance and I know that I am a bit behind on that. I had received several emails asking to sell videos on our site. I am working on that as well. I just want you all to know that your emails have been reviewed and in process. Also, the kindness received via emails and in person are very, very much appreciated. I will continue to provide information as best as I can. My intention and goals for this website is to educate people throughout the world about the beautiful art of Portuguese style bloodless bullfights, the culture, the people involved in putting these events together, and most importantly, the ethical ways of how the animals are treated and how their well being is a big priority on everyone's list. These events have been around for several decades and the established presence is stronger than ever... in other words, we are not going anywhere.... and not in this lifetime.

So sit back, relax, enjoy the shows!

p.s. -- I will reinstate the forum soon.... the site receives a sizeable traffic, so my host company kinda/sorta disabled by SQL database. That's okay, I need to do an upgrade on it and will turn on the "comment" or "add a blog" feature on, so that all can be heard.

That's all for now, until then, have a beautiful day, week, month, etc!

Ciao baby! and hope to see you all at the bullfights!
Mz. Pink Diva =)

Update 09/26/2007:  around 6:00 this morning, I received a pleasant email from Eleni Ribeiro announcing the birth of their baby girl. On September 21st 2007, Cavaleiro Vitor Ribeiro and his beautiful wife Eleni became the proud parents to a healthy new baby girl... Princess Ribeiro was born at 4;30 pm, weighing in at 3.245kg and 47.5 cm

Update 09/06/2007:  Due to server overloads, our site was down for a few hours on Wednesday, September 5, 2007. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused anyone.

Our site is visited by so many worldwide, and with that, a number of issues can cause some of the problems... (i.e., traffic & database overload) ... and this sort of thing is bound to happen once in a blue moon.

We are working diligently to resolve these matters and to avoid them in the future.

Thank you in advance for your support and patience.

Mz. Pink Diva Webmistress
[email protected]

Update 09/02/2007:  Greetings all! For some time now, I have been contemplating on addressing a particular issue that has me somewhat confused and bothered. A few months ago, a website called purposely wrote on their website about a non-affiliation disclaimer with Ranch Cardoso. It is not only disrespectful, but it leaves me speechless because they are brothers. In 2005, Raul came up with the name Coudelaria Agualva, but Raul does not operate under the name Coudelaria Agualva but holds the license. He solely operates under Ranch Cardoso. Like I had mentioned in the past, Raul handles the horses and I operate the websites that promotes his business and horses. Nevertheless, as far as affiliation is concerned, we are very much affiliated.... simply because they are brothers and they own the same horses. Therefore, if you hear or were told otherwise, it is NOT true at all. In addition, information on our website is not outdated. It is sad for me to have to post a message like this on our website, but I feel it necessary to do so since they are misrepresenting us out there. I am making it clear for the record that what they are writing on their site is incorrect. Their webmaster also took our videos and photos and infringed on our copyright. I never gave their webmaster permission to use any of our photos or our videos, and the webmaster also put their name over our copyright tags. Just for the record, we are not fans of theirs, we are the owners of these beautiful horses too. Their website notes that we are fans of theirs, which I found rather amusing. There is one more thing... the "donation" issue. This site and other websites I produce are privately funded by me (the Pink Diva) and have not received any funds from anyone. The horses are not funded by anyone, but we (Ranch Cardoso) will gladly accept sponsorship. Please send an email if you are interested in sponsoring us at any of our events.

Please forgive me for writing this unwarranted news, but they are saying things that is making us look bad and it is not appreciated at all. In addition, their website is also reaping the benefits of having our name all over it.

Life is hard enough as it is, and I wish that people would just be happy for us that we are doing something good for the bloodless bullfighting industry. We will prevail from all of this and we just thank our supporters and fans for your continued support and for visiting our site. Like the saying goes, we must be doing something right for people to be talking about us.

I will be uploading the re-designed version of our site that I started last year. Like I mentioned, our database is huge and takes a lot of time to ensure that our visitors has a pleasant visit.

Until next time... Take care & God bless,
Mz. Pink Diva Webmistress

Update 08/16/2007:  Thank you for your continued support and visit to our site. I have been sooooooo busy with trying to implement our new layout into the system. It is taking longer than expected due to the amount of files we have. We have such a huge database that it is overwhelming at times to look at (lol).

I have also been very busy with my graphics and web design business as well as promotions and marketing, projects, etc... not only with the California Bloodless Bullfights, but with other culture and outside interests too.

I am listing them below and I hope that you stop by to check it out. The first one is a Fire Knife Dance Competition on August 18th and 19th and it is at the Pearson Park Amphitheater in Anaheim. The second event is with Muscle Beach in Venice, CA. Every year, Joe Wheatley puts on a bodybuilding show and thousands come to watch. One of the bigger events is during Labor Day. Last year, our very own "Governator" was there to present the award to Joe Weider. This year, Jack LaLanne is the honorary recipient and also the grand opening of the "Walk of Fame". So it is definitely going to be a great event you do not want to miss. I do the web site and posters for Joe Wheatley Productions/Muscle Beach events and I also go to show my support for all he does.... and they are also lots of fun to do.

I am really proud to be a part of some very historical events and projects. So please, take this opportunity to check these shows out.

Until next time.... ciao baby!
Mz. Pink Diva Webmistress


click here to purchase your tickets now!

Update 07/17/2007:  We need your help and to be vigilent for us! Please help us by finding copyright violators on the net for us. I recently ran into a website that purposely infringed on our copyrights and we are not happy about it. They took one of our videos without our consent/permission to do so and on top of that, they put their slogan over our copyright markings. We will NOT tolerate this disrespectful behaviour and matters will be handled appropriately.

All this came about a few days ago while searching on the net and checking up on some websites. I found a website who is discrediting us and is making us sound like we are not owners of our horses, and is using our videos and images and passing us off as if we are promoting them.

It is not uncommon for us to challenge every website out on the net and have had each website remove or to put our copyright information if using any of our materials, and if they do not comply, then we politely ask them to remove our articles, images, videos, etc. Websites such as "",, wikipedia, etc, etc. know and understand our position and about copyright laws and have respected our requests in the past.

If you find anything on the web, please alert us right away by sending an email to "[email protected]" -or- "[email protected]"

We appreciate all the help we can get.

Take care & God bless,
Mz. Pink Diva Webmistress

Update 07/12/2007:  Posted some photos from the all female cartel at the Stevinson bloodless bullfight on May 27th by Ganadaria Manuel Costa, Jr. >>[clicky here]

Slowly but surely, I am getting the last 3 bullfights uploaded. I am also working on the website for the [So Cal Forcados].

Update 06/20/2007:  An opportunity with a rare piece of bullfighting history... please click on the image below to read more about it....

The “Los Toros” encyclopedia by José María Cossío is the greatest bullfight treaty ever written and published.

Update 06/11/2007:

URGENT!! Please help the Breast Cancer site by clicking on their image/link below:

Please help make June Survivor month... clicky now to do so

Update 06/01/2007: Wow! It's been awhile. Sorry.... I have been extremely busy with business, and with the bloodless bullfighting season as well.

So yes, it officially started in April, but for us, it started in the month of May in Laton, and then back to back fighting on Memorial weekend... (Artesia, and then Stevinsion). Both days was a huge success for everyone!

I have not unpacked since arriving home on early Tuesday morning, and I am off again, but this time to Vegas for my brother-in-laws 40th birthday. I have been working on processing all of the videos to upload. I have 4 days worth of videos to edit. Ahh, but they are all worth the wait.

Thank you so much for being patient and I will get to them by next week.

Obrigado and God bless

Mz. Pink Diva Webmistress

Update 02/17/2007: Gongxi focái Hokkien Keong hee huat chye (POJ: Kiong-hí hoat-châi); Cantonese: Gung hei fat choi; Hakka: Kung hei fat choi, which loosely translates to "Congratulations and be prosperous".Happy Chinese New Year to all!

By the Chinese Calendar, 2007 is the Year of the Pig (boar), and is celebrated on Sunday, February 18, 2007.

Chinese New Year's Eve is known as Chúxì. Chu literally means "change" and xi means "Eve".

To learn more about how Chinese New Year is celebrate and its traditions, click on the links listed below:

Update 02/14/2007: Happy Valentine's Day to all! With bloodless bullfight events lurking around the corner, so much preparation is taking place. I am also trying to get the newly redesign of our site up and running by then. With a large site such as ours, it's taking some time to do.

Please continue to look in these following areas [forum - news - events] for news, updates, and articles as I upload them frequently throughout the site. The most current article is on Manuel Sousa's recent Tienta written by Jim Verner. Click [here] to read now.

I have to go for now, but I'll be back soon. Thanks for visiting our site!

Update 01/28/2007: I told you I'd be back! Ranch Cardoso proudly introduces "[Art Bulls for Charity]". The Osborne Bulls are finally in the West Coast. Honoring the 50th anniversary of the Osborne Bull, the Osborne family has founded Art Bulls for Charity. Collaborating with Share Our Strength, the American nation´s leading organization working to end child hunger. Art Bull exhibitions are taking place across the country, culminating in an online fundraising auction in conjunction with the 2007 South Beach Wine and Food Festival. Rather than going into further details about them, just click [here]and find out for yourselves. I am proud to be a part of this event by volunteering my time with providing them a website for all to see. With this site, you will be able to view videos and pictures from each event. They will be uploaded soon. Some of the links are not quite finished yet.

Update 01/25/2007: We have firm dates on many of the bloodless bullfights happening for the year. It is posted all over our pages, so it's very hard to miss. You can view it [on our forum], [our Events page], and [on our Calendar section]. And if you want to see our bloodless bullfighting horses, then you definitely want to attend all of the bullfights happening in Artesia, California, because we are contracted for all of the bullfights there.

It's going to be an exciting year! We are honored to have Cavaleiro Rui Salvador as one of the cartels performing with our bullfighting horses on July 30th in Artesia. And joining him will be Matador Jose Luis Gonçalves. The fun does not end here as we will have bullfights up north as well. We will not post them until they are confirmed.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I'll be posting the events on our MySpace accounts ... [Ranch Cardoso on MySpace] and [Bloodless Bullfighting on MySpace]. We do have other sites on the internet, but the list is soooooooooooo long! (hee hee). Here's a few, that most of you should or may have already seen by now.... [] and []

That's all for now, but I'll be back shortly as I have some other news to post. Just so you know, we update and upload new stuff on a daily basis on our site. While we consider everything on our site is of importance, we only post 'relevant' issues to minimize the pain. It's like an easter egg hunt.... you'll just have to find them!

Mz. Pink Diva Webmistress

Update 01/17/2007: WoW! Our weather in California is so 'wishy-washy'. First it's hot, then it gets cold....and not just regular cold, but cold enough for it to snow in Malibu. Our guys travelled up north to train some of our horses and while in route, the I-5 freeway was closed for a few hours due to road conditions. On the way back, they had to take a different route because of the icy conditions on the I-5. Be careful out there!

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Update 01/12/2007: Ever wonder what a Portuguese Tourada a Corda is? It's a form of bullfighting on rope. You are really not fighting the bull, but more like challenging yourself to see how close you can get to one. Traditionally, the Portuguese use a "Parasol" (an umbrella) and wave it in front of the bull, similar to how a matador uses his cape, but in a different fashion. To help better explain it, I found a video on to give you a better idea how it is done. This video is Canadian, and the bulls used in the video are from Ganadaria Sol y Toros, a bull breeder from Canada. Click >here< to view the video.

Coming soon! You will be able to comment on videos and images. This will be in "beta" mode, meaning I'm just going to test it out to see if it's an added feature.

Also, I notice that so many have been trying to gain access inside our forum. Right now, unless you established an account earlier last year, then you will not be able to comment or create topics. It's only on "read" mode for the general public. Why is this? Because there are too many spammers and scammers and very mischievous people out there who wants to ruin people's livelihood. So rather than dealing with the headache and heartache, I had block that feature in the middle of last year.

So with that, that is why the new comment feature will just be in beta mode. Sorry for the inconvenience, but that's the way it goes. Unless Mr. Gates or I come up with a brilliant plan to keep spammers away permanently, then this is it. Unfortunately, there are programmers out there who do their job for evil rather than good like programmers like me.

That is all for now! Until next time.... ciao!

Happy New Year! Ano novo feliz! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Nuovo anno felice! Nouvelle année heureuse! Glückliches neues Jahr!

Hope everyone is doing well and I am happy to say that this is going to be one awesome year!

What's new? So far, no solid dates on for bullfights in California, although we do have some tentative dates that can be seen >here<. On there, you will see the date for the yearly Noite Tauromáquica, which is a celebration/award ceremony recognizing the best of the best for the 2006 bullfighting season. It is a month early this year and will be in Gustine, California. I will post more information as soon as they come through.

The other dates you see is when our horses will be bullfighting, but full details are not available yet.

Other newsworthy stuff.... the Filarmónica do Artesia D.E.S. (band from Artesia) made a recording of their repertoires and is now available on CD for $15

Purchase the Filarmónica do Artesia CD -- only $15.00

  • Purchase their new CD for $15 (CD cost plus shipping and handling)
  • For more information, please contact David Costa via email at "mestredavid (at)" (to avoid spamming, there is no hot link to his email address)

Well, I think that's all for now. You can also visit our forum for other news and events.

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Until next time... ciao!
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Just checking in for the month of December. No bullfights, so it means lots of catching up to do with updating the site and revamping it again! Yes, and this is one of the reasons why.... When you do a site check on our site, the results will be as follows Results 1 - 10 of about 7,440 from for . (0.02 seconds) <<this is as of 12/12/2006 ..... back in June, this is what it looked like>>> "Results 1 - 10 of about 1,370 from for . (0.26 seconds) " clicky >>here<< to see for yourself. With so much on our site, it's a matter of me doing a "re-org" to make the site faster and run better.

So, if you see things kind of out of whack, that's just me in the middle of re-construction.

On another note, I want you all to help me welcome a new site called "Bullfights Aficionado™". It's a friend of mine and he has asked me to help him put it together. It's going to be a very fun project and more on the lighter side of bullfighting "in general" and will focus on an international level (not just California). It will have some great reviews of what is going on in the bullfighting world. I of course will be the official "webmistress" for his site, so bare with me as it is still under construction. You can also find him on "". Please be sure to add him as a friend, if you have not done so.

So yeah, there is so much to look forward to in 2007 and we will announce them as the plans become more solid. Stay tuned!

ciao baby! Mz. Diva Webmistress©

Well, bullfighting season is over in California. Sorry it's been a while since I've last written. I've been very busy with other projects. But fear not, I have not neglected this site. I've been uploading stuff here and there.

Recently, I wrote an article about our bravest bullfighting horse Dollar. You can read more about it on our forum >here<. It was tough to write, because I never thought that the day would come where I'd have to. But all in all, it was a good business transaction. It's hard not getting attached to the horses, because to me, they really are just like family. If I could, I'd have them in my backyard today.

Stay tuned for more updates and uploads. In the meantime, have a safe and happy holidays and enjoy with your friends and family.

Muit Obrigado!
Mz. Diva Webmistress

Update 09/10/2006: Great news! Our horses will now be used in the Gustine bullfight on Monday, September 11, 2006. Click >here< for details regarding the event.

Happy Labor Day Weekend! It's the last big weekend of the summer. Most schools have started already and some will begin as soon as the weekend is over =(   Yes, it's sad but I'm sure most parents are glad that the kids will be back in their regular schedule.

So, what's new in the bullfighting world? For starters, former "Novilero" Mario Miguel is now officially the first "Matador dos Acores". What does it mean? It means, he is no longer an amateur and is now addressed as "Matador" Mario Miguel. He is also the "first" Matador from the Azores Island. Our congratulations goes out to Mario Miguel on his successful journey to becoming a professional ..... a job well done!

Great News! Artesia DES will be having a "bloodless bullfight" during their annual St. Anthony Festival on Saturday, September 23, 2006. The bullfight will bring back Cavaleiro Vasco Taborda, Jr. along with Matador Jose Luis Gonsalves and the Forcados group will be Amadores de Tulare. Ganadaria Candido Costa will be providing 4 bulls, giving each performer 2 bulls each to fight. The Filarmónica do Artesia D.E.S. will be performing during the event. There will be dancing & partying immediately after the bullfight.

Please visit our "Events/Calendar" page for more information and other upcoming events scheduled for the remaining of the year.

Yes, one more month and the bullfight season will close for the year. But don't fret, because the Portuguese Festas almost occur on a weekly basis. Just check our calendar to see if there is one near you.

As you all know, I am also affiliated with other organizations as well. I would like to mention that on Labor Day, Monday, September 4, 2006, Muscle Beach Venice will be having their last event for this summer. This event will feature Joe Weider as the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, along with Hall of Fame recipients will include Rachel McLish, Gene Mozee, and Leroy Colbert. This event will be packed with thousands of people and great celebrities to look for. So come early and join the fun! Parking as you know is always on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more information, please visit their website at >><<

This concludes the news for now. Until next time .... ciao baby!!

WoW..... July zipped by so quickly, here we are already in August.

Ok, well for starters, the July 31st bloodless bullfight in Artesia, was packed with people, a few disappointments, some injuries, and some great performances. I wrote a review on it, you can read it on our forum >here<. Now that I've got around to watching it again, I'll probably have to revise my review a bit. I wrote that review as soon as I got home from the bullfight, so that it was fresh in my memory.

I uploaded most of the videos from that bullfight. Yes, can you believe it.... it's up before the May 27th bullfight. The only reason why I rushed it, because so many people are hitting our site looking for it, especially of the Forcados mishaps. Our blessings and wishes go to Jeffrey, he's the Forcado member who got injured that evening. According to Manuel (his team captain), he stayed overnight the hospital for observations and was sent home the next day to rest.

Click here to view the July 31st bloodless bullfight in Artesia, CA.

Here are my thoughts and I'm sure others will beg to differ, but here I go. In the nature of this art/sport, everyone must understand that injuries may very well happen, and sometimes death even. But that comes with the territory of being in this industry and you have to take the good along with the bad at times. Every performer who enters the arena understands clearly what they are getting themselves into. And if they don't, then they need to find another profession. Every person is a "professional" at what they do, and that person is knowledgeable of a "fighting/charging" bull. Practicing is a must, but no matter how much you practice, the outcome will always be different.

So, feel sorry for when they get hurt, but just remember, they put themselves in there and if they get injured, they are at their "own-risk". We are extremely sympathetic to all and we never want to see anyone getting hurt, especially the animals, but things happen for a reason and we can only learn from our mistakes and move on.

In the meantime, I must continue to apologize for not uploading the other videos just yet. It is really "very-very" time consuming working with videos and their "hiccups", along with the computer, who has a mind of it's own. Recently, McAfee decided to upgrade their Security Center, so I said go ahead. But ever since that happened, my computer has not been the same. So, that's one of my biggest problems. I have a "gig" of RAM and McAfee was using half of my resource..... that's not a good thing. So "buh-bye" McAfee! Don't get me wrong, they are good, but I already have "triple" protection on my computer, I don't need one that's going to slow me down.

Well, as always, we are constantly updating and revising our "knowledge base" on bullfighting and other resources. If you didn't know where it is, click >here< to view it. It's an on-going project and will always be added to and re-vamped. The other thing that I'm working on is adding a "search" page on our site. Our site is huge.... it's so big, that I'm getting lost (hee hee).

Just a reminder, I do have a life and other projects and clients that I work with, sooooooooooo...... THANK YOU very mucho for being extremely patient.

Bye for now, until next time.
Ciao Baby! ~ Diva Webmistress =)

Update 07/30/2006: WoW.... weeks have gone by and I haven't been able to upload all of the bullfights just yet. Well, as you already (or if you don't know yet), I am a graphics and web designer, so at times, I have to take time away from the RC website and then go back to where I left off. This site is also not a paid gig for me. It all comes from the heart and it has become more of an addiction/passion to accomplish something I started back in 2003. This website was originally to show off the Cardoso horses and the bullfights they were in, as well as selling horses. But as I started it, it dawned on me that there was more than just the horses. So it was off to investigating and researching and learning from all sorts of resources and people. After 3-years, we have grown and provide more than just pretty pictures and videos. We've produced over 1,000 pages, plus a forum community where it is additionally informative in the whole aspect of bullfighting as well as other worldly things. This past March of 2006 marks the 3rd year Anniversary birth of Ranch

So, forgive me for not uploading the bullfighting videos yet. It will definitely be a focus as Monday, July 31st approaches, I have to prep myself for the bloodless bullfight event in Artesia, CA. The videos and website will be my main focus. Don't forget, the So Cal Forcados group is trying to raise funds to go to Portugal, and the Artesia Filarmonica is raising funds to go to Canada. Stay tuned for more information while I get the full details from the guys.

I haven't fully neglected our site as I have been uploading and revising information, videos, images, here and there, but some are missing pictures too. I've also updated our SiteMap and created a "Google" map too. I'm still working on fine tuning it a bit. The Google Map is a Beta software that allows webmasters to use on their websites. It's actually a fun tool to use. Unfortunately, it's messing up my formatting. Thank goodness it's only on several pages. So yeah, it's a never-ending task working on this website. There's so much to do that I could really use an assistant right about now. You wouldn't believe what I have to do just to optimize the videos and graphics that goes on here.

Well, that's all for now. Thanks again for being so kind and patient. Until next time.... Ciao Baby!

JULY 2006
Summer is finally here... yay! It is hot, but with a gentle cool breeze in the day and night time.

We came back from the Patterson Festa in Gustine a few days ago. You can read my "Pre"-review here. I have not given my review on the bullfight yet. I'm waiting until I upload some photos.

Currently, I've been finishing up on some stuff I was working on before we left to go out of town..... like the site translation. Originally, I was going with 3 native languages, but I decided to do more. We have 10 available (including English). I'll put more as I go along.

I'll be uploading new videos and images from our long 4th of July weekend, as well as the other videos that have not graced the pages yet. I've got great footage on Cavaleiro Gilberto Felipe, Matador Israel Tellez, Amadores de Coruche, and the Sorteo at Ganadaria Manuel Sousa.

So much in store for you all.

God bless!

Update 06/28/2006: Ooopsie!! On my last update, I forgot to mention that I had loaded several videos, and then, I forgot to link them for everyone to see. SORRY!!! So, I'm doing that now. One of them is the video on our intro page, and there's even one of Patricia Pellen back in May 2000, pictured with Ogro, an Andalusian horse we once owned (very beautiful and amazing horse!)

Ever since I changed the site design, I was not 100% complete. So, I am finally getting around to changing a few things here and there, and you'll also have the option of viewing a 'flash site', as well as translating our website in three(3) different languages - - Portuguese, Spanish, and French. So, please excuse the mess while I finalize the pages. Currently, our intro page is new and gives you an "entrance" option - - FLASH or HTML. The flash, like I mentioned is not ready yet, and the HTML is basically what you are looking at now.

Whew! So much to do. But it's all good. I also have another non-profit organization I'm volunteering with. Our meeting is not until the following week, so I won't mention their names yet until everything is finalized. But this is a good one and I hope some of you will be able to reach deep into your pockets and help them out.

Ok, gots to go for now. The Gustine bullfight is right around the corner, and I have so much to do before I leave.

God bless =)

Update 06/23/2006: Ok, I'm slowly but surely almost there.... well almost, almost. I finally got to upload my project on the horses. Last year, I had scanned most of their paperwork, and I thought .."hmmm", why not put it on the website. So, I've been researching their bloodlines, and boy is it ever a task. I've uploaded most of the ones that I have, I still have more to upload. I'm doing a 5-generation.... even down to their parents, and parents, and so-on. If the links don't work on their pedigree pages, that means that it still needs to be loaded or I forgot to link it up. You can also find the listing here. Additionally, I've uploaded the history and information for each type of breeds we have, as well as color information, etc., etc.

Ok, so I neglected our SiteMap for awhile. We grew so fast, it was hard to keep up. I actually already had a different one, but it's not in the format that you can actually read or navigate through so easily. Here it is <SiteMap RSS Feed>. If you have an RSS reader, then you can click and copy our RSS SiteMap feed and it will update you on the latest pages/links on our site. When you click on it, it automatically generates a new list. Just a warning, there are over 500 maybe even over 1,000. But here's our updated online <SiteMap> that you can actually make some sense of. You can see that it has grown since the last time I updated our map. I still have more to go on it. But I made sure that you get the basics of what's on our site. I'm probably missing a few things, but for now, it's good enough until next time. In any case, I'm not even sure if anyone really looks at this page. But it's there for all to see.

More to come, so stay tuned for the next update!

Update 06/19/2006: I am back-logged and inundated with stuff to upload. Slowly but surely, I will be caught up. For starters, when I first re-designed the website, I didn't get a chance to upload the rest of my new changes because my concern was making sure that all of the pages were linking properly.... so those are being mixed-in while I upload the current stuff. Yeah, re-designing is not the easiest task when there's over 300 pages in our site. Yup, you probably didn't realize we have that much on our site. There's so much to read and view.... and then there's our forum too. It's a lot of checks-and-balances.... and it's all for you... our viewers! For instance, I finally uploaded the new "about us" section and am finally getting around to uploading the horse section. The 'blue and pink' colors for the bloodlines worked for the other site, but not here. It's half-way done but got pushed aside from the bullfight videos..... (priorities). With bullfighting season in full-swing, it's time consuming just to focus on one area. And as a women, I re-design our site as if I was re-arranging our house... which is constantly! That's because I'm a geeky perfectionist with something up my sleeves all the time.... knowing that I can do better.

If there were only 4 of me and 48-hours in a day (ha ha ha). I also work on other websites and am a graphic designer for two magazines.... yeah, I'm what you call an entreprenuer. So if you want to hire me for graphics & web design, I give great rates..... just send an email with your project information.

So, basically, all this was just to say "THANKS" for being so patient and supportive and to give you heads up for what's been in store for a while now. I know some of you are eagerly awaiting to see the Artesia fight. I'm not promising anything, but I hope to have it done by this weekend. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to email us with details, and we'll visit the idea.

Oh yeah, and one of these days, I would love to share our pictures of our travels to Spain and Portugal. Two amazing countries..... so breathtaking and serene with full of culture and castles. Yes, my favorite was being able to stay at a castle within castle walls. And of course, we saw "lots" of bullfights. If Raul had it his way, we'd be at a bullfight everyday.... (NOT!.... ha ha ha)

Muito Obrigado ~ Thank you very much ~ Muchos Gracias!
Mz. Diva Webmistress


don't forget..... July 3rd we'll be in Gustine and then Artesia on July 31st ...keep those dates open and we'll see you there!

Update 06/11/2006: Finally! Most of the videos from the Laton bullfight (May 15, 2006) have just been uploaded and ready for you to watch. The videos range from 18 seconds to 8 minutes long. There's one of Vasco's that I had to split into 3 parts and one of Mario Miguel's video is 8m and 47s.

As always, if you run into any technical difficulties on this site, please be sure to send me an email so that I can fix the problem... eMail Diva Webmistress

Don't forget to check-out our forum for other news and current events.... clicky here for>>Bullfighting Forum and More!

That's it for now, until next time. Ciao!

JUNE 2006

WoW.... it's already summertime! We're in the 3rd month of the bullfighting season and it's going pretty well. I have lots of videos to upload. Sorry it's taking longer, but this time, the videos are longer and you get more viewing choices...low, med, hi1, and hi2 resolution. The low to medium is for all users particularly the "dial-up" visitors. The difference between h1 and h2 is the size of the screen (320x240 vs. 640x480). Both are at the highest resolution, but the h2 may sometimes get distorted because I'm having to re-size and compress the videos for internet viewing.

Donations: We have several causes we are seeking donations for.

  • One is our venture with the Shoestring City Ranch and
  • the other is with the So Cal Forcados Group (Filhos dos Acores). Just click on either of the names to find out more information. The pages are constantly updated with current events and news.
  • Our recent associations are with SPCA, and every Humane groups of California. As you are all well aware, we are horse and pet owners and have a tender heart when it comes to animals. We are against all type of abuse and neglect to all animals that walk the face of this earth. We will stand by each and everyone one of them and fight for their rights. We hope you will join us in this fight to save these poor animals that are deliberately abused and neglected by their owners. Because they can't speak like we can, we have to be their voices for hope and their future.
    • One way anyone can help is by using this search engine called, please click on the link to learn more about them and what you can do to help.
    • Here's more sites and links to familiarize yourselves with how the SPCA and the humane groups function and how they help animals.
    • Adoption is another fun way of helping too. Visit your nearest shelter to rescue a friend today!
  • Our fight is just the beginning to a better future for the animals and the pets you currenlty own.

More news & info can be found on our forum. I'll be back with more updates

MAY 2006
Some videos from the Laton Festa bullfight have been uploaded. This time, you now have 4 choices to view the videos. "Low" & "Medium" for 'dial-up' users, and 2 hi-res files in different screen resolutions (320x240 and 640x480.... but sized to fit the screen). DVD's of certain bullfights will be available for purchase soon. I'll have both the "edited" and "unedited" versions for your viewing enjoyment.

Slowly but surely, I will also have the rest of the "Tienta" videos uploaded soon. The Tienta was held at Ganadaria Candido Costa up in Central California, just past Bakersfield. I uploaded a video of the guys branding a bull.

Sorry it's taking awhile to upload videos, but 'editing' is very time consuming (on top of that, I'm a perfectionist too), so there you have it.

Don't forget to join us on our forum and tell us what you think of the bullfights, our sites, and videos. We'd love to hear from each and everyone of you. Oh, and don't forget, we are also on "MySpace". As much as I'd love to network and add friends all day, this site keeps me busy as well as other sites I work on. Oh yeah, did you know that I design websites for a living. I'm a graphics and webdesigner. So, if you are in need of a website, send me an email with all of the details.

We created a forum where everyone can "chat" and "blog" about bullfights along with other categories related or listed. The forum also has the latest headlines and news, from world events, health, entertainment, etc. We will also be sharing with you our non-profit venture with the 4-H Club.

It's free to join and very easy to use. If you do run into any technical issues, please let us know right away so that we can fix the problem.

That's all for now and we hope you are enjoying our newly re-designed website. If ever a page is stuck, simply click on your "refresh" button to restart the page.

Have a great day!

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